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The Namesake

Years ago, I sat around a table with a career coach who was helping me refine my vision for the next year or so. At this particular meeting, she said I reminded her of a Magpie, a bird well known for finding lightness in darkness (i.e. digging to the bottom of the pile for the gold). This idea deeply resonated with me, especially because of my deep connection to the animal world. I did a tiny bit of searching around and came across the following, which I loved, “Magpies are curious and…use whatever they find and teach us how to be resourceful. Magpie medicine people have the ability to succeed in life. Those with this totem are usually eclectic and able to draw on a variety of resources to assist them in their pursuits. Being able to adapt to different situations in a spontaneous way is one of the Magpie's strongest attributes. Those with this totem often find that their interests are varied which make master ship of any one thing difficult although

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